Products and Equipment for Professional Hair-dressers and Beauticians
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About us

 Punti di Vista Hair & Body Care was born in 1989, out of the meeting between Erminio Borrelli and Vittorio De Giulio. When they met, Erminio Borrelli had already gained strong experience in sales management, working for big multinational companies as Perma, Procter and Gamble, Panten Italia, and Vittorio De Giulio had already got used to cosmetics and hair-care working as a female hairdresser. 

Punti di Vista Hair & Body Care started its export activity in 1995 . Today, our company is distributed in more than 22 countries.

Punti di Vista Hair & Body Care has two manufacturing departments, one in Milan and one in Pesaro, but the headquarter of the company is in Naples, where all the commercial and promotional activities are developed.

In 2009 Punti di Vista Hair & Body Care celebrates the 20th anniversary, consecrating itself as one of the few European companies, probably the only one, to produce no less than five lines of hair-care products and two lines of cosmetic products, all CEE certified with an innovative graphic design.

Nowadays Punti di Vista Hair & Body Care guarantees very high quality, non-stop assistance, and above all
the most competitive prices, and in such a difficult economic trend this means TRUST, CONFIDENCE, WORK.

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