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Color cream with silk proteins
Hair color cream with silk proteins.

Baxter hair colour cream is a gorgeous colour treatment, rich of natural components, silk proteins among the others, that guarantees a wonderful result. Thanks to the excellent pigment quality, Baxter assures the complete covering of grey hair. Its formula, based on selected ingredients and the low ammonia content, makes Baxter Color Cream gentle for hair and skin.

100gr tube

Use: oxidizing emulsion choice:
10 vol: to obtain a darker tone, to dye bleached hair
20 vol: to colour tone to tone, cover gray hair , to obtain a lighter tone
30 vol: to obtain 2 or 3 tones lighter
40 vol: to obtain 3 or 4 tones lighter
Preparation: in a non metallic container , mix the color cream with the oxidizing emulsion, in the ratio 1:1.5.
First application: Spread uniformly the colour mix on hair length and ends, leaving it on for about 10 minutes. As the laying time has passed, mix the same colour mixture and spread it on the roots too, letting it lay for other 30 minutes.
Warning: the indicated laying times for each specific application have to be halved on hair just permed or bleached .
Final treatment: As the total laying time has passed, rinse gently hair with warm water and shampoo.

- follow the indicated use instructions carefully.
- Don’t apply on damaged, irritated or pathology affected skin.
- The product can cause, on particularly sensible persons, allergic reactions. It’s recommended a preliminary sensibility test.
Preliminary sensibility test:
- Clean with alcohol a small zone behind an ear or on the elbow bent.
- Apply a small quantity of the colour product , repeating the operation 3 times, let dry and wait 48 hours with out rinsing.
- If in this period appear local rash , swelling or itching avoid the use of the product.

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