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    Face peeling cream

It’s a an extremely flowing emulsion. Apply on the face massaging with finger tips and making a light pressure, thus scrubbing and smoothing the skin, in order to take the dead cells of the keratin...

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    Nourishing face cream

Ideal emulsion for a nutritional and hydrating treatment of the face skin. Its active constituents as the Panthenole and the vitamin E, repair the skin attacked by the weather changing and guarantee...

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    Hydrating face cream

Hydrating emulsion, suitable for normal or mixed skins. The high hydrating action makes this product ideal as a protective day base and as under make-up. Hydrating function is essential to keep a...

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    Anti-redness cream for sensible skins

Ideal emulsion for easy-redden, allergic and soft skin with enlarged capillaries and couperose.
Realized with natural raw materials it’s particularly eudermic, well endured even by the more...

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