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    Nourishing face cream

The Nourishing face cream is made using fat-similar and nourishing with high skin affinity. Apply with a slow ad soft massage , it gives the skin a superficial correct hydro-lipid
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    Hydrating face Cream

It’s a very soft and evanescent cream with a high hydrating substances content. Apply with a slow ad soft massage. It helps to restore the correct superficial moisture of the skin, making it...

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    Scrubbing face cream

Before every cosmetic therapy, it is necessary to prepare the skin so that it can receive the benefits. This cream, formulated for this purpose, it has to be applied with a slow massage to clean and...

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    Oily skin Cream

Oily skins normally have a strong sebum- perspiring secretion. Therefore it’s necessary to use astringent and sebum-normalizing products. The
Oily skin Cream has been formulated for this...

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    Vitamin anti-wrinkles Cream

It’s a cream very rich of nourishing, vitaminic and stretching substances. Used regularly gives the skin tone and stretch, slowing down the normal skin stiffness process and the loss of...

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