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    After wax cleansing emulsion

Removes any lipo-soluble left over wax on the depilated zones. It cleans quickly every part of the body and has a softening, moisturizing and refreshing action.

500ml bottle

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    Anti-vibices cream

Cream to be applied with a soft massage. Better if used on the interested zones after bath or shower. It doesn’t absorb quickly to allow the natural bent of the tissues to better receive the...

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    After wax refreshing cream

Apply the menthol-based cream on the epilated zones. Massage gently. The skin will get softer with a pleasant sensation of freshness.

500gr Jar

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    Anti-cellulite massage cream

The massage cream for the cosmetic treatment of the cellulite is a product made to be used as adjuvant in the anti- cellulite beauty treatments. Is a soft product , easy to use , that performs at...

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    Protective hand cream

The protective hand cream it has to be applied in a large quantity every time you have to do hard works that in someway could damage the skin.
Thanks to the use of this cream Wind, water, cold...

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    Low-fuse Pink Paraffin

Specific product thought for the beauty of the hands, with a fading, moisturizing and restoring action. The hands skin is going to find, after the treatment, new vitality and have a more uniform...

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    Long sliding Massage cream

The long sliding massage cream has been thought for professional use as support for the beauty massages. It can be used in any case to make the massage more performing.

500ml Jar
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    Thermo massage cream for the cellulite cosmetic massage

The thermo massage cream for the cellulite cosmetic massage is a product made to be used as support for the anti-cellulite beauty treatments. It’s a soft, easy-to-use product that performs its...

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    Tonifying massage cream

In case of skin tone loss, it’s important to intervene with beauty massages using products able to give skin tissues back stretchiness and tone. This massage cream, thought for this purpose,...

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    Feet cream

The feet cream, if opportunely used, gives a strong pleasure sensation and a quick freshness.


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